Canadians want non-citizens who support terror groups deported: poll

Canadians from all walks of life are calling out the Trudeau Liberals in droves, asserting their 'diversity is our strength' mantra brings 'problems.'

Canadians want non-citizens who support terror groups deported: poll
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According to a Leger poll sanctioned by Postmedia, most Canadians believe newcomers should embrace Canada’s “values and traditions,” and discard “incompatible” elements of their cultural identity.

Although almost three in five Canadians (56%) favour a mixed view of diversity’s benefits, they contend that some elements of diversity can cause “problems” and “conflict.”

Less than a quarter (24%) of Canadians unabashedly perceive diversity as a “strength,” while 21% characterize it as merely a “problem.”

“I wouldn’t suggest this is some novel condition that we’re suddenly grappling with,” said Andrew Enns, executive vice president with Leger.

According to the poll, Enns suggests a growing number of Canadians believe “there should be a little bit more of the melting pot than the mosaic.”

Notably, more than half of both white (55%) and non-white (56%) Canadians endorsed the notion that diversity is a double-edged sword. 

Of respondents, 51% agreed that Canadian authorities “should do more to ensure newcomers accept Canadian values.” 

Even more (55%) want Immigration Canada to effect policy on the premise of “encouraging newcomers to embrace broad mainstream values and traditions,” and leave behind beliefs “that may be incompatible with that.”

However, some disparity exists among ethnic tribes in promoting Canadian values, garnering 59% among white Canadians in contrast to 46% of non-whites.

Among the poll’s findings, a growing number of Canadians want non-permanent residents who express ‘hate’ or support terror groups to be deported from Canada.

Among them is Hamas — a group designated by Canada as a terror organization since 2002.

In light of weekly rallies — dubbed as “pro-Palestine” but more aptly characterized as being anti-Israel — groups such as the Palestinian Youth Movement have openly endorsed the October 7 terror attacks, amid calls for Israel’s total destruction.

A whopping 78% of Canadians expressed concerns “over how the Gaza/Israel conflict is impacting Canadian communities,” said the poll.

In addition, three quarters want ‘hateful’ non-citizens to get the boot from Canada, “if they publicly express hatred towards a minority group or support a terrorist organization.” 

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre concurred November 23 that non-citizens found guilty of supporting terror organizations like Hamas should be deported.

There would be no need for drafting new laws, he said, pointing to existing provisions in the Criminal Code in response to a question from Rebel NewsIndividuals calling for violence against an identifiable group can already be charged, Poilievre pointed out. 

As prime minister, he would “encourage law enforcement to make sure those provisions are upheld for any and all people who incite — deliberately incite — violence against an identifiable group.”

“That has been criminalized for many years, and anyone who is convicted of that who is not a citizen should obviously not be in Canada,” said the Tory leader.

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