Canberra convoy given eviction date from showgrounds

Anti-mandate protesters told to leave EPIC grounds by Sunday

Canberra convoy given eviction date from showgrounds
Drone footage of the camp / YouTube
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The Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) is preparing to carry out significant works in relation to the upcoming Royal Canberra Show held February 25 to 27.

Right now, the venue is packed full of anti-mandate protesters who are camping in the area as part of the ongoing protest.

Protesters have been camping at Exhibition Park after their ‘tent city’ was moved on from outside the National Library.

Hundreds of cars, caravans, buses and trucks, as seen in drone footage from the camp, have rolled into the nation's capital with a protests expected to continue this weekend.

Anyone who does not have a booking with EPIC, or are not employees, will be required to leave the area before Sunday or risk being accused of trespassing.

People who remain in EPIC after this time may be considered trespassing,” said the police, when issuing a statement.

Event managers have cancelled the Capital Regional Farmers Market that was due to take place on Saturday over ‘safety concerns’ even though the protest has been peaceful.

The market was meant to be held at Exhibition Park but now thousands of dollars' worth of fresh produce is reported to be wasted from over 100 market stalls.

It is with great sadness that we announce that Capital Region Farmers Market will not be going ahead as planned tomorrow morning. Due to existing safety concerns onsite and logistics for customers attending the market the decision was made to cancel the market,” read a statement on their website.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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