CBC president Catherine Tait gets a big back-dated pay raise

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Canada's state broadcaster is imploding in on itself like a dying star and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals have given a retroactive raise to the CEO overseeing the wreck.

English TV ad revenues fell 37% last year. The CBC lost two billion dollars after losing twelve-year rights to Hockey Night In Canada. According to a Blacklocks’s article on the meltdown at the Mother Corp:

“The total audience for 6 pm local TV newscasts at twenty-seven CBC stations nationwide was 319,000 people, the equivalent of fewer than 12,000 nightly viewers per city. The total market share for the CBC-TV main network was five percent, down from eight percent the previous year. The CBC News Network cable service has a 1.4 percent market share.”

Nobody is advertising on CBC. A mere statistical rounding error of Canadians watch CBC at all and the network has lost their flagship program. If this sort of job performance - or, rather, lack thereof - happened in the private sector, heads would roll.

But this is Canada and our bureaucrats fail upwards in the Great White North. We are no meritocracy around these parts. Just look at who’s prime minister, in case you were confused.

CBC president Catherine Tait just received a whopping retroactive raise through an order in council, effective April 1, 2019. The woman overseeing the demise of the state broadcaster now earns somewhere between $390,300 to $459,100 up from $371,200 - $436,700 the year prior.

If CBC falls down dead in the forest and no one's even watching it enough to care, can you still hear Catherine Tait cashing her paycheques?

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