Charges DROPPED against Alberta teen farmer after police brutality video goes viral

All charges against Jeremia Leussink and his brother have been dropped by Crown prosecutors. Jeremia, a young farm boy from central Alberta, was brutally assaulted by Alberta Sheriffs after being pulled from his tractor for no reason.

Confused and unable to respond to the officers demands, he was punched in the face, and had his face smashed into the highway pavement.

At the time of his arrest, he was operating his tractor in a roadside ditch, on his way to his field. The police incorrectly treated the farming implement as a motor vehicle, rather than by its different legal designation. This led to an altercation that left the young Albertan bruised, bloodied, and scarred.

Our first video about this case received close to 700,000 views, and the family believes our coverage played a role in the Crown’s decision to drop the case.

After recovering from the trauma, Jeremia granted Rebel News an exclusive interview, explaining that his ordeal isn’t over yet.