HELP JEREMIA: Alberta Sheriffs pull teen from tractor after questioning Breathalyzer test

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On July 31, Jeremia Leussink had an altercation with the Alberta Sheriffs that he will never forget.

While the young man was driving a tractor to a hay field, five Sheriffs surrounded his tractor, and allegedly punched and body slammed the teenaged farmer onto the pavement of a rural Alberta highway.

According to the police, the young man refused to comply with Trudeau’s new draconian law that forces without-cause breathalyzer testing on anyone and everyone the police want to test. It is a new law, and so oppressive seemingly illegal that many folks don’t believe the law even exists – after all, don’t the police need probable cause, or a reason, to even so much as check your ID? 

In young Jeremia’s case, his family says that it wasn’t the law that confused him, he didn’t even know what a breathalyzer was, much less why the police were trying to shove it down his throat on the roadside.

At just 18 years old, Jeremia has been homeschooled his whole life, alongside his dozen other siblings. TVs aren’t a part of their household, and the only time they ever need to leave the farm is to go pick up parts.

These aren’t city folks. But the police treated Jeremia like a hardened criminal. In fact, after beating the kid senseless, they cuffed him and left him in the back of a squad car for hours, on a day when the heat almost reached 30 degrees.

The family has retained Tonii Roulston, the same Calgary lawyer that successfully defended Edouard Maurice, the rural Albertan icon of property rights and self defence.

They have set up a Go Fund Me to help with the legal bill here:

Rebel News met with Jeremia’s family on location at their family farm just east of Sundre to get the full story.

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