Charges DROPPED against Pastor Artur Pawlowski's “right-hand man”

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We are thrilled to announce a slam-dunk Fight the Fines victory for an Alberta pastor.

Pastor Peter Reicher, who took over pastoral duties at Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s church after his dramatic arrest, was criminally charged for keeping his church open and for caring for the homeless throughout the height of COVID restrictions in Alberta.

We joined Pastor Peter at his church to discuss the entire ordeal, including the moment when officers arrived at his home and threatened him with arrest. He also shared his insight about just how much of a difference the campaign has made in his life, enabling him to stand by his convictions without fear of what would no doubt be an insurmountable legal bill.

We were also joined by Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who served as Pastor Peter’s legal counsel at no cost to him because of She filled us in on the legal details that led to all charges against Pastor Peter being dropped.

While this wonderful news is certainly a breath of fresh air in what has been a tough year for pastors in Alberta, it is just one chapter in the ongoing fight for our fundamental rights.

Pastor Peter may be a free man, but many other pastors and business owners across Alberta are still fighting serious legal battles, including Pastor Artur Pawlowski, who may face up to 21 days in prison. We can’t rest just yet.

Please go to or to help the fight for freedom today.

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