Chiropractor facing formal COMPLAINT for sign welcoming mask exempt patients

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Attention all chiropractors!

Please refrain from making jokes during the pandemic! You might offend somebody.

Today, I bring you the story of Dr. Jeff Winchester, a chiropractor based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Recently, he decided to inform potential patients who have a problem wearing masks that they would not be turned away from receiving chiropractic treatment at his clinic. 

He posted a sign that read “We welcome mask exempt. No discrimination.” In other words, he wasn’t stating anything other than what the regulations are in the City of Waterloo! 

The good doctor also had a sign that read “8 more months with muzzles?” Incredibly, some people took issue with Dr. Winchester calling masks “muzzles." No jokes allowed during our new normal!

Well, cue the outrage: some people took great exception to the mask message. Not only was Dr. Winchester peppered with snarky comments on social media, but somebody actually wrote a letter of complaint to his regulatory body, the Canadian Chiropractic Association. And, get this, the complaint is actually being investigated! This will be a drain on Dr. Winchester’s time, and potentially result thousands of dollars in legal fees depending on how the investigation goes.

But Dr. Winchester remains defiant. 

He continues to embrace his freedom of expression. He is not bending the knee, and he won’t apologize for having a contrarian opinion when it comes to muzzles — er, masks, that is…

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  • By Ezra Levant


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