Christensen joins One Nation after retirement backflip

Rebel MP George Christensen joins One Nation ticket

Christensen joins One Nation after retirement backflip
Former Liberal MP George Christensen. YouTube / Pauline Hanson’s Please Explain
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It turns out that ex-Liberal MP George Christensen’s scathing valedictory speech might actually have been a campaign pitch for the federal election.

As a popular figure in conservative politics, Christensen has ditched the Coalition and thrown his support behind Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.

Instead of retiring, he will seek re-election on the One Nation ticket.

The more I queried into One Nation’s policies and looked at their constitution, their core beliefs, the things that Pauline has been campaigning on recently, just about everything aligned with my views,” said Christensen.

Bizarrely the question didn’t really float into my mind as to why I am doing this, the question that floated into my mind was, why hadn’t I done this a long time ago?

One Nation has approached Christensen in the past about joining. He will run for the Senate as the third Senate candidate.

This is a nightmare scenario for the Coalition, who keep bleeding tried-and-tested Blue Ribbon conservatives to minor party ranks, whether they be One Nation, Liberal Democrats, or the UAP.

In Christensen’s case, he is a popular MP the seat of Mackay in Queensland and stands a good chance of winning it in his own right, were he to run, taking a seat of the Liberal Party. The Liberals will be relieved to see him run for the Senate instead, but Christensen’s previous 11.3% swing toward him may transfer across, giving One Nation the balance of power.

The people have indicated that they have had enough of the major political parties – Liberal, Labor, and the Greens and Nations,” said Senator Pauline Hanson. “They are looking for change, they are looking for representation, looking for people who will represent them on the floor of parliament with integrity and honesty.

Christensen admitted in a recent interview that he ‘should have joined One Nation a long time ago’ when the Liberal Party’s philosophy slid away from his own.

His resignation from the Coalition was made due to Christensen’s belief that the Liberal Party no longer supported core conservative views, particularly in relation to pandemic powers and policies. Christensen also takes issue with the push toward Net Zero which has seen the Liberal Party import high-taxing, Big State policies directly from the World Economic Forum and United Nations.

Since announcing his intention to quit politics, Christensen said that he received an ‘enormous amount’ of community support asking that he find a way to stay in politics and fight the conservative line.

I know it’s a sacrifice to him and his family,” said One Nation Leader, Pauline Hanson. “I know that, but I’m not going to apologise because I want good people standing beside me that are going to deliver for the Australian people.”

There has been plenty of criticism from his political rivals, but that is to be expected. Christensen, as an ex-journalist, has kept a high profile in the public space. Recently, he sat down with Dave Pellowe from the Good Sauce where he has been producing interviews and articles throughout his term in the Liberal Party – often promoting ideas contradictory to party policy.

In his latest interview, Christensen highlights his major criticisms with the Liberal Party internal structure and processes, including alarming accusations that he was lied to about high profile policies. He also heavily criticised the role of mainstream media which supported controversial pandemic policies instead of questioning them.

Christensen is expected to take a high profile role in the One Nation federal election campaign.


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  • By Avi Yemini

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