Climate alarmism takes over as environmentalists protest pipelines, stop infrastructure development

Protesters blocked intersections and even Calgary's apparently eco-friendly public transit train routes.

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There has been no lack of climate alarmism as of late, from Mayor Jyoti Gondek adding Calgary to the sadly ever-growing list of Canadian cities that are in a supposed state of climate emergency, to Alberta NDP MLAs endorsing illegal pipeline protests. David Suzuki took it yet a step further in suggesting that if the government doesn’t bow down to the radical environmentalists, pipelines are going to be bombed.

This borderline threat of eco-terrorism garnered shockingly little backlash from mainstream media, aside from the United Conservative Party’s Parks and Environment Minister Jason Nixon advancing a motion to decry the threats, virtually no eco-inclined politicians dared to weigh in to insist that threats of violence are not acceptable.

Amidst all this, anti-pipeline protesters took to the streets of Calgary opposing the Coastal GasLink Pipeline and in support of the illegal protests taking place on Wet’suwet’en land.

For those unfamiliar with the pipeline project, five of six elected Wet’suwet’en councils have approved the project, and an additional 20 First Nations councils who occupy territories along the pipeline route have also endorsed the project. A group of non-elected ‘hereditary’ chiefs has claimed that they have the right to the land.

This $6.6-billion pipeline project provides an immense economic boon for these communities, and the elected representatives in the communities overwhelmingly support the project; nevertheless, people are disregarding that and protesting across Canada.

One such protest took place in Calgary, and very much unlike the freedom marches that take place every week in cooperation with pre-set police guided routes, this protest made its way at random through downtown Calgary blocking intersections and even, ironically, our supposedly environmentally friendly public transit train routes. People attempting to make their way home were visibly frustrated. I couldn’t help but think how differently police would act if an anti-restrictions group blocked city train lines illegally, no doubt the tactical units would be dispatched, and the protesters arrested and charged.

We also couldn’t help but notice that most of the protesters drove to the event, and almost certainly will return home to a heated home, seemingly unaware of the fact that we all need fossil fuels, and will for the foreseeable future, in order to survive.

While I applaud anyone who voices their opinion on something they believe in publicly, blocking roadways, transit lines and key infrastructure illegally is not acceptable. I wonder if the same politicians who were drawing at straws condemning hospital adjacent protests as problematic will call out these protesters, I highly doubt it.

Radical environmentalists have been emboldened by politicians who no longer believe in the rule of law. Instead of elected representation, we are left with activists and ideologues who are pushing a climate emergency narrative without consideration of the costs.

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  • By Adam Soos

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