PART 1 | Dragged: Love is Louder (A Rebel News feature report)

Watch the first part of ‘Dragged: Love is Louder’, which follows coverage of a violent counter-protest outside of a drag queen story time event in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

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Dragged: Love is Love is a feature report from Rebel News. It premieres at 7 p.m. ET/5 p.m. MT on Friday, Jan. 20.

This past Saturday, all hell broke loose outside of British Columbia’s Coquitlam Public Library, where a “Drag Queen Story Time” for kids took place.

Close to 200 people came to counter-protest a small demonstration against the controversial event, and things quickly turned violent. Although one may not know that, based on the mainstream media's celebrating of the incident.

Far-left anarchists supporting the event, mostly dressed in regalia of Antifa, quickly mobbed a wikiActivism blogger and protest organizer, whose first name is Harm. The violent tussle went on for close to seven minutes as counter-protesters including Coquitlam MLA & Minister of Post Secondary Education Selena Robinson rooted on the altercation, cheering “love is louder” and “there is no harm.”

“I feel that we've reached a very dangerous precipice where society is on the verge of normalizing child abuse, unwittingly allowing child predators to hide under the LGBTQ banner” Croy Jenkins, a member of the LGBTQ community who also came out to protest the event, told Rebel News.

Although he is not officially affiliated with the rapidly growing coalition of gay people against the sexualization of children, Jenkins could be seen holding a rainbow Pride flag with the words “Gay’s Against Groomers” spelled across it while being one of only a few people trying to ward off the far-left mob of thugs from Harm.

Jenkins said he chose to come to the protest after feeling like he couldn’t stand by any longer while his voice remained unheard.

“It appears that society will want to make this a trans issue, or an issue on homophobia, or even an anti-drag queen situation, but it's none of those things,” Jenkins said. “The issue lies within the slow implementation of a highly sexualized ‘culture’ to young, impressionable minds,” he added.

The large amount of people who turned up and proudly supported the story time, without seemingly taking any issue to the violence associated with their stand, isn’t the only thing that was surprising.

While much of the violence occurred, including when a counter-protester swarmed my college Matt Brevner and myself, smashed my cellphone and microphone out of my hand, Coquitlam RCMP stood by watching from a distance waiting for “Conni Smudge”, real name Chris Bolton, the drag queen who had been paid to entertain the kids, to finish his story time and drag queen doll crafts, so they could escort him to a nearby SkyTrain station.

Many of the counter-protesters had travelled from out of city along with Bolton, thanks to a media hit-piece published by City News which interviewed Bolton and other activists seen alongside the violent anarchists. The activists and Bolton portrayed during the interview that their counter-protest would be standing against hate rather than creating it.

When we reached out to Harm to ask whether a journalist made an attempt to speak to him about his protest plans, he responded by telling us that “City News or any other mainstream news did NOT reach out to me at all,” adding that if they had, they would know “We represent freedom of choice,” including the right to protest.

In this video, you'll see part one of the disgraceful events that took place at the Coquitlam Public Library.

Be sure to give us your email so you don’t miss out the rest of our coverage, where we will include statements from drag queen Bolton, and dive deeper into the mainstream media and elected officials, such as MLA Selena Robinson, supporting what occurred.

This isn’t the first time far-left Antifa-type supporters of drag queens entertaining children have harassed Rebel News journalists. My colleague Katie Daviscourt was mobbed and robbed by the same type of thugs in Washington. While we are thankful to have hired a bodyguard during the counter-protest in Coquitlam, it is clear that our journalists will need even more security next time they cover a “love is love” event.

Please help us recoup the costs of our security and have have the finances we need to hire more in the future by making a donation at

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