COVID isn't the killer anymore, lockdowns are

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While COVID case counts hit lows not seen since September in Canada's most populous province, deaths continue to trend in that direction as well. In fact, Statistics Canada released its examination of excess death numbers this past March. 

What did the numbers reveal?

That was one of the topics for the monologue on yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show. Ezra went through the data released by the government, which seemed to suggest that the pandemic is no longer killing a lot of people in Canada.

After reading a section of the report subtitled “The direct impacts of COVID-19 cannot fully account for the excess deaths observed in Canada in 2020, particularly in the fall” which showed that excess deaths were piling up in younger groups, ones not nearly as susceptible to COVID-19, Ezra wondered if the push to vaccinate Canada's youth was necessary at all:

While the risk to people under 40 is negligible, for people under 20 the risk of the virus infinitesimally small, but what's this heart inflammation business from the vaccine? Myocarditis? Is that the word? That's a new one. 

So young people are dying from heart disease shortly after taking the vaccine — oh don't worry about it though, guys.

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