DAILY | Ontario declares state of emergency in response to Freedom Convoy protests

DAILY | Ontario declares state of emergency in response to Freedom Convoy protests
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Show Notes

  • Ontario Premier Doug Ford declared a state of emergency in response to the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa and support protest on the Ambassador Bridge
  • Rebel News released an audio recording of the premier last night saying that an announcement was coming about an end to vaccine passports
  • Premier Ford also announced how the province was now targeting the GiveSendGo fundraiser for the truckers
  • The U.S. offered Canada help to clear the Ambassador Bridge
  • Three Liberal MPs have broken ranks with Trudeau recently
  • Conservative MPs are telling protesters to go home
  • On another note, the Associated Press cleared things up for all of us with a fact check: Justin Trudeau is not the son of Fidel Castro
  • Kids in Las Vegas were awfully excited when mask mandates lifted
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  • By Rebel News


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