Danielle Smith asks Alberta’s Lieutenant-Governor to stop interfering in the election

Smith, a front-runner in the race to replace outgoing Alberta's outgoing premier, Jason Kenney, described the Lt.-Gov.'s role as 'wholly ceremonial' and called on Salma Lakhani to support bills 'democratically passed in the provincial legislature.'

Danielle Smith asks Alberta’s Lieutenant-Governor to stop interfering in the election
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On Alberta Day, a new holiday introduced by Jason Kenney for September 1, Lieutenant-Governor Salma Lakhani suggested she would seek independent expert advice before giving United Conservative Party leadership candidate Danielle Smith's proposed Alberta Sovereignty Act royal assent.

The role of Alberta's lieutenant-governor is a largely ceremonial position, not a political one.

Smith, currently a front-runner in the leadership race to replace Jason Kenney following his resignation, is a proponent of the Sovereignty Act — which doesn’t even exist on paper as of yet.

Addressing Lakhani's comments, Smith released a video followed by a statement:

Alberta’s outgoing Premier @jkenney @JustinTrudeau's federally appointed Lieutenant Governor @LtGovAB have both broken with constitutional convention & willfully inserted themselves into the leadership election to select the next Premier of Alberta.(1/2) #cdnpoli #abpoli

“The Lieutenant Governor is an unelected figurehead, appointed by the Prime Minister, that plays a wholly ceremonial role in out system of government,” Smith said in the statement. “She does not have authority to refuse assent to bills democratically passed in the Provincial Legislature.”

Another UCP candidate, Brian Jean also shared his concerns:

I am extremely uncomfortable with the Lieutenant Governor getting political. That said, Danielle Smith's lack of clarity on this issue is already causing a constitutional crisis. To end this controversy, Smith must produce the text of the Sovereignty Act before UCP members vote.

Travis Toews, assumed by Smith to be Kenney’s preferred candidate, used the remarks of Lt.-Gov. Lakhani for political gain.

Kenney has also weighed in on Smith's proposed Sovereignty Act, calling it “nuts.” 

Lieutenant-Governors should not be political, especially in the middle of a provincial leadership election. If you agree that Salma Lakhani must resign or be fired by the Queen, please sign our petition here.

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