Dr. Malone discusses medical ethics, silencing of dissidents, and more during visit to Canada

At the screening of 'Uninformed Consent,' Dr. Malone shared his insights and skepticisms about the mass roll out of the novel COVID-19 injections that utilize the mRNA platform he helped to develop.

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On Saturday, October 8, there was a screening of the documentary Uninformed Consent in Toronto, Ontario. It garnered hundreds of attendees and of those attending, there were a small group of prominent COVID-19 dissident medical professionals, including Doctor Robert Malone.

Dr. Malone is a virologist and immunologist that dedicated his professional career to the research and development of the mRNA vector platform. He is also an outspoken dissident who has expressed concerns with how this technology is being developed and implemented.

When asked about the flouting of medical ethics throughout the COVID narrative, Dr. Malone notes his dismay in how previously established safety testing norms have also been completely disregarded.

In terms of research ethics, “we seem to be in an environment now where ethical boundaries are no longer respected in any way… They seem to believe that they can treat us all as though we are experimental animals,” Malone says.

Malone further criticized major corporate media for their role in coordinating to uphold the interests of the entities that own them, by way of the Trusted News Initiative. He calls this “a globally unifying organization that appears to have very close ties with the intelligence community as embodied in the Five Eyes Alliance.”

Dr. Malone further notes that the global coordination of censorship likely falls under the umbrella of the World Economic Forum, a trade organization formed by various divisions of major investment groups – Vanguard, State Street, Blackrockand Bank of America.

“These are the major financial powers behind the World Economic Forum,” shares Malone, further hinting that the key players of these organizations are operational arms of NATO military and defense.

“We have a small number of very high net-worth individuals attempting to control the world economy and world politics and control all of us under a utilitarian-Marxist law.” The true fringe minority.

On mRNA research and development (R&D), Dr. Malone says that “it’s unfortunate that [the COVID vaccines] were rushed through… they were imposed on human populations without sufficient safety data, and now we’re learning that this technology, as it’s deployed, has damaged countless lives and I fear that the work product of decades of R&D, that the value of that for humanity has been destroyed.”

“Who is going to trust this technology now?” wonders Malone.

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