Former Conservative MPP still denouncing COVID-19 injections

MPP Rick Nicholls attends a documentary screening after he stood with conviction and was removed from caucus for making an informed choice.

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At the Toronto screening of the documentary Uninformed Consent, former conservative member of provincial parliament Rick Nicholls provided an update on whistleblower concerns surrounding sudden increases in stillbirths after the rollout of the novel mRNA injection.

Nicholls was a strong opponent of the emergency use authorization [of the novel injections] and mandatory vaccines. “I feel that people should have a choice as to what they have injected into their bodies,” he says.

Referring to being removed from caucus due to non-compliance with Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, Nicholls says other politicians then reinforced the unprecedented and infringing measure. “Unfortunately the next day, mayor of Toronto made it mandatory for all city of Toronto employees. That’s not right, he’s not a Doctor,” states Nicholls.

In a clip of Nicholls in the legislature from December 2021, where he attempted to sound the alarm on the 86 stillbirths that are alleged to have happened from January to July in the Waterloo region, Nicholls claims that “normally, it’s roughly one stillbirth every two months.”

“Sadly, I don’t have an update on that,” Nicholls responded when asked. “I do have whistleblowers who are seeing an increase in the number of stillbirths and when you do the analysis you find out that a lot of those women are vaccinated. Is there a correlation? I guess the jury is out on that.”

Nicholls denounced this injection as a vaccine. “In my opinion it’s not a vaccine. Since when does a vaccine require three, four, five shots? A vaccine is supposed to create an antigen so that your body can fight it off and you don’t get sick.”

“It used to be the 20/80 rule – 20% of the people sick in hospital with COVID were vaccinated and 80% were the unvaccinated. But now what they’re discovering is it’s reversed,” Nicholls detailed.

On integrity and standing with conviction, Nicholls says “I stood up and spoke out. I knew there was the potential of it costing me my political career and it did, from that perspective where I can’t have a voice at Queen’s Park.”

Yet few politicians have followed suit, despite the real-world data that shows how ineffective and harmful these injections are.

“Maybe the more people that stand up and speak out in the political arena [will allow] for more people to take notice and see what’s really going on.”

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