Drea Humphrey’s Top 5 Rebel News Reports 2021

If not for Rebel News viewers, none of these five reports would have been possible.

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Reporting for Rebel News during 2021 has been a whirlwind. Not because of the organization, or my colleagues — they’re the best. Instead, I choose the word whirlwind, because of the accelerated pace at which Canada’s moral framework has changed, and how I am both tasked with, and honoured to be one of the very few journalists informing the public on the other side of the story while it does so.

Covering the madness does not give a lot of time for reflection on past reports. That’s why today, I’m looking forward to sharing my top five reports from 2021 with the people who give us he fight to report another day: you!

If not for your words of encouragement, and generous donations, none of these five reports would have been possible.

So, watch me recap, when I investigated a quarantine hotel the federal government tried to keep secret, travelled to the site of two burned churches on First Nation land to see what the locals felt about the fires, was picked up and tossed aside by one of Justin Trudeau’s bodyguard goons, or more pleasant reports like covering a beautiful protest wedding in Kelowna when the government forbade traditional wedding celebrations, and when pro-freedom protesters and musicians came together to throw a massive Canada Day celebration, despite anti-Canada politicians pushing to “cancel Canada Day”.

I hope you enjoy this report as much as I did preparing it for you. And with your continued support I know we can make many more memorable reports together in 2022.

Happy New Year and God Bless! 

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