Elections Canada decides against investigating 57 known instances of non-citizens voting

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Elections Canada knows there are at least 57 instances of people voting illegally in four years, and yet, the agency is not proceeding with investigations or prosecutions.

According to a proactively released access to information filing,

“The total number of non-Canadians known to have cast ballots in the period of January 1, 2015, to September 11, 2019, is unknown to the Commissioner of Canada Elections (CCE).

However, the CCE does have information regarding potential instances of votes cast by individuals who were allegedly not Canadian citizens during the period in question. This is based on information stemming either from complaints from the public or referrals by Elections Canada.

For the period between January 1, 2015, and September 11, 2019, as of September 24, 2019, the CCE has determined that, for 57 instances of individuals casting a ballot at a federal election while not being Canadian citizens, the evidence available did not provide a reasonable prospect of conviction and/or formal compliance or enforcement action was not in the public interest. (It should be noted that the newly adopted power to impose Administrative Monetary Penalties is not available for instances stemming from elections held prior to April 1, 2019.)

Aside from these 57 instances, work on a smaller number of other files is still ongoing, for which formal compliance or enforcement action may be taken.”

Non-citizens voting is hard to prosecute and prosecutions wouldn’t be in the public interest?

Just don’t write a book that says true things about Trudeau. That's how you get investigated by Canada’s elections bureaucracy.

Trudeau’s government is moving forward with the expensive harassment and investigation of an Ezra Levant for writing his best selling book detailing the corruption of the Trudeau Liberals called the Libranos, in spite of the specific exemption carved out for books in federal elections finance law. Illegal elections advertising is not “the promotion of the sale of a book if the book was planned to be made available to the public regardless of whether there was to be an election.”

It’s all part of an ongoing scheme by the Liberals to bankrupt us with legal fees. It’s the same thing Notley tried to do when she sent her elections investigators after me for writing my book, Stop Notley.

If you can help Ezra fight this attack on Rebel news by Justin Trudeau, donate today at SaveRebelNews.com.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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