Ezra Levant Addresses Norman Traversy & Q-Anon Theories

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After a flurry of emails and live-chat comments, Ezra took some time to address Norm Traversy and other current, hot topics in the Canadian political, conspiratorial and legal spheres.

"We do not live in a society..where you remove prime ministers in handcuffs because they're politically odious, you vote them out," remarked Ezra, responding to one particular comment.

Such an act, would of course set a very dangerous precedent. Removing a sitting prime minister on the grounds of subjects that are at best, somewhat credible arguments and at worst, unsourced online posts from unverified sources.

Furthermore, you don't think the Liberals would have used such a tactic to remove former prime minister Stephen Harper?

Additionally, Ezra touches upon the Conservative Party's lack of ethical leadership for the country.

Andrew Scheer nor the party have come out to comment on some of the biggest topics du jour, leaving centre, centre-right and conservative citizens across the country without a voice to speak for them. Currently, Rebel News (and some competing outlets) are doing a better job than the political parties at standing up for the freedoms of everyday people; see FightTheFines.com.

Fighting for civil liberties, fighting against Antifa's reign over public property and fighting to keep statues of Canada's prime ministers are just some of the many battles Rebel News has undertaken. These very battles are examples of how to make Canada and its society a better place to live, rather than using the same tactics as would-be political opponents that are often heralded as wrong, or products of cancel culture/fake news.

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