Here comes the rematch in the battle between Trudeau and the truckers

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The trucker convoy this February was the most important political moment in Canada in decades; in my mind, it rivals, for those of you who are old enough to remember is, the people of Canada voting down the Charlottetown Accord, which was put to a national referendum, a constitution deal that every big political party, every big media outlet, every big corporation, every fancy person, said we had to do. But the people said no. That was 30 years go.

The reason I make that comparison is that the unanimity in Canada in regards to the pandemic and the lockdowns was total. That’s why the first thing to break under the pressure of the convoy was the leader of the Conservative opposition, Erin O’Toole. But all three words there were counterfeit — he didn’t lead it; it wasn’t conservative, and he did not oppose.

The truckers broke the national spell so many had been under; they were proof that, no, we didn’t all agree to the madness. And there were so many of them, not just in Ottawa and Windsor and Coutts, but along the highways, cheering them on.

It was a reminder that the media and politicians — the political-media industrial complex — had created a false consciousness, where everyone pretended to agree, because everyone thought everyone else agreed.

It broke the fever.

I believe Rebel News had a part in that.

As you may know, the Emergencies Act has a provision where, if it is ever invoked, there must be an independent inquiry into whether or not it was appropriate to invoke martial law. That’s coming next month, to Ottawa.

Now, Trudeau has tried to rig the rules. His terms of reference — imagine that, Trudeau gets to write the rules for how Trudeau is investigated — focuses not on his abuses, his misconduct, his seizing of bank accounts, his violent police, his saying we shouldn't tolerate each other; he thinks he’s going to put the truckers on trial.

That’s how he’s rigged the rules — he’s even going to study “misinformation” — he’s going to try to put Rebel News on trial, because we didn’t propagandize for him like the CBC did!

They’re going to try to flip the blame for Trudeau’s violence and his bank seizures and his martial law, they’re going to try to blame the victim — the peaceful protesters.

And the media — the liars in the media — are going to help them.

Well, not us. In fact, we’re going to do the opposite. We’re going to literally set up camp in Ottawa during the entire commission of inquiry. We’re going to livestream it every single day. We’re going to have nightly commentaries about it. We’re going to cover it more and better than anyone else in Canada — more an better than the CBC and the other liars who tried to defame the truckers last time, too.

I don’t want to give away all of our plans, but here are a few — we’re going to rent an Airbnb in Ottawa, for our team; some of us will be there for the whole thing; some of us will go there for a few days, or a few weeks. It will be a temporary Rebel office and living compound! We’re going to have journalists and editors and camera people there every single day. We’re going to have a special website,, exclusively dedicated to the story. To rebut the lies. To tell the truth.

We’re still working on the plans; and some of the plans I don’t want to give away until we do it — I don’t want to give the CBC and Trudeau warning.

But that’s my message to you today: Rebel News earned our stripes by telling the other side of the story in February, when we reported on the trucker convoy in a manner that the media party didn’t. They’re trying to have a do-over — and it’s up to us to speak the truth.

I wanted to tell you that on this special day — a day when Sheila Gunn Reid was literally travelling half way across the world to fight for our civil liberties. She’s next.

GUEST: Sheila Gunn Reid (@SheilaGunnReid) delivered an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Switzerland regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's treatment of political dissidents in Canada. Learn more at

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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