A rematch is coming in the battle between Trudeau and the truckers

This fall, an independent commission of inquiry is being held into Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act. Rebel News plans to launch a special project to cover the trucker commission every day.

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This fall, an independent commission of inquiry is being held into Trudeau’s invocation of the Emergencies Act, a form of martial law he deployed to counter the peaceful truckers' protests in Ottawa and across the country.

You can see more about that commission of inquiry here — Trudeau has tried to rig the rules of the commission to investigate the truckers, rather than his own misconduct.

This commission of inquiry is very important, which is exactly why Trudeau wants to hijack it. He wants to revise history, blame his peaceful critics, and whitewash his own authoritarian misconduct.

In response, Rebel News plans to launch a special project to cover the trucker commission every day, as an antidote to Trudeau, the CBC state broadcaster, and the other bail-out media who hated the truckers and hated the fact that so many Canadians got their news about the truckers from Rebel News.

We’re not going to give away all of our plans, but we’re going to rent an Airbnb in Ottawa for the duration of the inquiry. Some of us may be there for the whole thing; some of us will go there for a few days or a few weeks. It will be a temporary Rebel News field office and living compound. We’re going to have journalists and editors and camera people there every single day. We’re going to have a special website, exclusively dedicated to the story.

We’re still working on the plans, and some of the plans will be kept confidential until we unveil them — we don’t want to give the CBC and Trudeau a warning.

If you believe it’s essential that Rebel News be there, every day, to “tell the other side of the story”, please consider chipping in on this page, to cover the cost of our field office.

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