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Russia has invaded Ukraine. Not just a minor incursion, as Joe Biden said.

I think that Vladimir Putin took Biden’s measure and realized that minor incursion, major incursion, Biden and the west would do nothing.

It would be like America fleeing Afghanistan after 20 years. Abandoning billions of dollars worth of weapons, leaving behind hundreds of U.S. citizens. Just a total collapse — a collapse of will, more than anything. That’s what would happen again.

Putin invaded eastern Ukraine in 2014 — the Crimea. That was when Barack Obama was president and Joe Biden was Vice President. Nothing really happened to Russia as a consequence; the world was learning it could do what it wanted to with Democrats in charge. Until Donald Trump was elected in 2016. He was a tough guy; the media called him a bully; and it’s true, some of his tweets were really mean! But there wasn’t a war during his four years as president, was there?

Trump liked being regarded as a bit of a wild card; when he had Xi Jinping, the Chinese dictator, over for dinner at Mar-a-Lago, his Florida hacienda, he timed a missile attack on Syria over dessert. Just to show Xi Jinping how casual and cavalier he was about it.

Whether it was respect or whether it was fear, the world did not trifle with Trump. In fact, peace broke out — certainly between Israel and many of its Muslim neighbours, including the UAE, and other Gulf states and even in north Africa. The Abraham Accords. Iran didn’t try anything. North Korea didn’t try anything.

I’m not here to say that Trump “solved” all the problems — but they were certainly put on ice during his four years. Here he is talking about how Europe was too chummy with Russia, and it was foolish to buy natural gas from Russia — not only did it enrich Russia, it gave Russia a kind of strategic veto over European political and military affairs. Why would you buy energy from your enemy?

How ironic; the media party, that had claimed Trump was in Putin’s pocket — well, Putin never tried this during Trump’s tenure, did he?

So Biden was weak; but once, perhaps, he was strong. I’m not sure — at least once, we can say, he had his mental facilities, whether or not his judgement or leadership was sound, at least he was once something. I’m not sure you can say that about Kamala Harris. Who was dispatched to Europe. Imagine the terror that struck — in the hearts of Ukraine.

Real question — do you think that military would beat Russia? How about China?

You know, last night, when Russia was invading, Donald Trump made a public statement. Not from the White House of course — he just made a public statement directly to the media.

But not Joe Biden. He was asleep. He didn’t make an announcement this morning either. He waited until mid-afternoon — Ukraine had largely fallen.

I don’t know how to beat Putin; I think showing weakness is how not to, and that’s pure Biden — and Trudeau for that matter. It’s a bit weird to hear Trudeau talk about authoritarian regimes after putting Canada under martial law.

But here’s what I know: energy and money calls the shots. So sanctions work — unless, say, China is there to provide whatever economic might that America closes the door on.

Energy is important — which is why Trump was opposed to the Nordstream pipeline selling gas from Russia to Europe. Biden approved of that pipeline — while cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline bringing down oil from Canada to America.

This is a bad day for Ukrainians; but do you think it will stop here? I think Putin will be fine, economically. I think he’s in league with China. I think he controls Europe more than they control him.

I’m worried about Ukraine. But really, I’m thinking about what comes next. Afghanistan first; Ukraine next. I’d be worried about Taiwan. And what more damage can be done until Joe Biden is thrown out in three years.

GUEST: Alexa Lavoie (follow @theVoiceAlexa on Twitter)

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