There really isn’t a Canadian angle to the Ukraine war. But if there was, it would involve the Oilsands.

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Trudeau and fidgety Chrystia Freeland are talking very tough about Russia. They want to cut off Russia from the rest of the world financially, including from the international money-transferring system called SWIFT — that’s the global financial transactions and payments information system.

It’s how millions of payments are made a day, amongst thousands of banks.

So over the weekend, it looked like Russia would be cut out of SWIFT payments. I heard stories about credit cards associated with Russian banks just not working. There were line-ups at Russian banks as people withdrew their money.

But I noticed, and it was hard not to notice, that there was an exemption for financial transactions having to do with oil and gas. Well, that’s sort of like saying you are going to boycott Iran — except for oil. I mean, oil is literally the majority of Russia’s exports. In fact, Russia produces four times as much oil as Iran does.

So my point is: Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland promised to shut down bank accounts of the Russian oligarchs — but none of them bank here. Trudeau and Freeland promised to shut down Russian banking — but not for oil that they sell to Canada.

Same with Joe Biden and the United States. Bizarrely, they have exempted oil and gas, too. Because Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline — it was one of his very first things he did upon taking office. And wouldn’t you know it, those 800,000 barrels of oil a day would nicely displace exactly the oil coming to the U.S. from Russia. But what are you going to do — just stop driving?

So that’s America; it has always imported oil. But why would Canada buy oil from Russia? We have oil here. Well, not really. Because of Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s right hand man, who somehow has become polite company again.

Well, remember that before he worked for Trudeau, he ran the World Wildlife Fund of Canada. I'll show you what he said about our own pipeline projects, to bring ethical Canadian oil from Alberta to the world.

I’ll show you two clips — they were both about the Northern Gateway Pipeline, which would have taken Alberta oil to Vancouver, which could then have been shipped on the world market, to compete with Russia. But it applies to the other two pipelines that Trudeau and Butts killed, including Energy East, which would have stocked Canada’s largest refinery in Saint John, which instead buys oil from places like Russia and Saudi Arabia.

You know, back then Butts worked for the WWF. They sound friendly, but they were as corrupt as they come — millions of dollars in dark foreign money.

You know, I remember when the truckers were crowdfunding, and Gerald Butts was all over the TV talking about dark money, foreign money, how it was going to corrupt Canadian politics. The joke is, those were a ton of little $25 gifts from ordinary people, the vast majority of the givers from Canada. But that’s called psychological projection.

Butts knows all about taking dark foreign money to mess around in Canadian politics. It’s what he did at the WWF. And then he continued that work when he went to Ottawa as Trudeau’s top aide.

Say, who spent all sorts of money secretly fighting against oil and gas in the west? Some left-wing anti-oil groups, like Greenpeace. But my point is, who funded them?

Because you don’t see Greenpeace campaigning against fracking in Russia, or against really anything in China. Canada uses as much oil and gas as ever — but it’s just imported, from the States, some of it, from Saudi, from Russia.

So who is the hidden hand? Who is pouring in the dark money?

Well, let’s get back to Russia for a moment.

I'll show you the former head of NATO, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, explaining that Russia, and Gazprom, were spending millions of dollars in anti-fracking and anti-drilling environmentalist campaigns in the west to stop Europe from drilling its own gas. It had to be hidden, or it would be too obvious. But what a rate of return — spend 50 million dollars in fake eco-activism, sell 50 billion dollars in natural gas. That’s a good rate of return.

So yeah. Gerald Butts accepted foreign money to fight against Canada’s Oilsands. And let me ask you: is there any other Canadian who has done as much to stop Canada’s Oilsands from being exported to Europe or Asia?

Or let me put it another way: Is there any Canadian who has done as much to help Vladimir Putin by keeping Canada out of action as a competitor?

Comrade Butts has done a very good job. He should be Putin’s ambassador to Canada. He’s earned it.

And he’s the reason why Trudeau can’t say no to Russian oil and gas — and neither can Europe, either.

GUEST: Yanky Pollak (follow @Yanky_Pollak on Twitter) attended CPAC in Florida. See his videos at

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