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I have a good story for you, and then a weird story for you, and then a bad story for you. And it’s all the same story!

Remember last month when I had what I called the scoop of my lifetime? Thirty-four pages of top secret documents that there government simply forgot to censor before sending them to me.

Huge news; news around the world.

The next day, Erin O’Toole and the Conservatives asked about it in Parliament.

So I wrote to O’Toole’s press secretary, Chelsea Tucker, asking her if she actually wanted to talk about the news story of the season, a great story for the Conservative base, something about which the Liberals are utterly vulnerable.

By the time I heard back from her, it was almost the Christmas break — seriously, more than a week had gone by since we broke the scoop. It was a dead zone for journalism, so I held on to them until the news picked up.

And so we published it this morning very positively. You’ll see that we were careful to mention that it was an e-mail interview — which is sort of obvious, because if it were a video interview, we’d have video of it.

Then the media party started to freak out.

NEXT: Calvin Robinson (@CalvinRobinson on Twitter) on free speech and social media censorship.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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