Wendy Mesley wants you to know she's disappointed after FINALLY being fired by the CBC

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Wendy Mesley had a long career at the CBC marked by nepotism. She was, of course, Peter Mansbridge's ex-wife, so she had a special place at the Mothercorp.

She served a function for the CBC — she was the channel's accuser-in-chief. She accused all of the CBC's enemies, all of Justin Trudeau's enemies as being racist bigots.

Alas, the racism was coming from inside the house.

Wendy Mesley, it turns out, repeatedly dropped the N-word in full, in staff meetings, including ones with people who were visible minorities.

Instead of firing her, or condemning her, the CBC simply suspended her with pay — and then, just like with Jian Ghomeshi, they covered up for her.

We found out through an access to information investigation that the CBC had a policy of not allowing comments on their website that gave the facts on what Wendy Mesley had been fired for.

Now today, in the Globe and Mail, she has a 1,500-word tone deaf pity party that is just incredible.

GUEST: Adam Soos (@ATSoos on Twitter)

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