How Rebel News Covered Coronavirus in Trudeau's Canada

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The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed so much.

It has killed 9,000 people in Canada. Every death is a tragedy, but it has killed so much more than that death toll: A death toll on par with the annual flu in Canada, which, for example, in the last year for which statistics were available, there were 8,500 deaths.

No, this pandemic has killed so many jobs, so much economy, so many businesses and has created so much misery — misery that is being extended into the foreseeable future.

It's also been a time of tremendous conformity — don't wear a mask, do wear a mask! Stay home, don't stay home! Of course, the politicians who issue these rules don't seem to follow the rules themselves. I'm very proud of our coverage during the pandemic, from the very, very early days where we first saw strange things in China before the whole world knew the name Wuhan. 

We covered it, because we care about China and the democracy movement there. When the virus landed in Canada, we rang the alarm on the most basic job Trudeau had, one job, really: Close the borders.

He wouldn't.

We sent our own David Menzies to the airport day after day showing that flights were still coming in directly from China to find passengers simply weren't being screened. As the pandemic proceeded, we covered crazy news, such as scoops from Sheila Gunn Reid showing that Trudeau was actually still paying money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Every step of the way, we lived up to our motto: Telling the other side of the story, culminating in my own book China Virus.

Today, we sum up the best of our coverage of the pandemic. A terrible time in Canada, a time when an alternative voice — a dissident voice — is more important than ever.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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