A $10M class action lawsuit settles, requiring a hospital to rehire everyone they fired for not taking the jab

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I want to tell you some news that's pretty important, and kind of surprising to me, because I know that we're the anti-journalists — you know our motto, “Telling the other side of the story.”

My job is to be skeptical, but with that said, every once in a while you think — well, maybe the other side is right on certain things.

Here's what I mean.

I was skeptical that you could sue institutions for firing you for not being jabbed. In Canada, other than Artur Pawlowski's dramatic victory in the Alberta Court of Appeal, I really haven't seen a great victory using our constitutional rights. Many labour unions in Canada rolled over because the unions agreed with the company bosses to force their union members to get jabbed. I think in many cases, there just wasn't a fight.

So I had come to the belief — shame on me — that you just couldn't sue if you were fired for not being jabbed.

But here's an important case out of the state of Illinois. A large healthcare network fired staffers who didn't want the jab and refused to give them a religious exemption. They wouldn't even consider it. They were warned, in late 2021 about that. They ignored the warning to their peril

A large class action lawsuit was filed against them, and today they signed an agreement to pay out more than $10-million, which tells me that if they're signing this agreement voluntary, they were afraid of a much larger loss if the matter went to trial.

On tonight's show, we'll go through the wording of the agreement.

GUEST: Lewis Brackpool (@Lewis_Brackpool) on Expose The Reset, Episode 2 available now at ExposeTheReset.com.

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