A conservative politician named Randy Hillier was arrested. What does that say about our civil liberties?

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There are some countries in the world that give their sitting politicians legal immunity. As in, they can’t be sued or prosecuted while they’re in office. It’s easy enough to understand why — because they could be sued on a nuisance basis; not just in civil courts, but with trumped up criminal accusations.

It’s typically corrupt or partly-corrupt countries that do this; because you’ve got to be pretty worried about your police and prosecutors being politicized if you are going to tell them you trust none of them, and that none of them can lay a glove on politicians until they’re out of office.

But that said, political prosecutions do happen.

Randy Hiller is one guy who isn’t corrupt; he’s always outspoken; that’s why he was sacked by Doug Ford, kicked out of the provincial Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. Anyone who called out the lockdowns was.

Randy Hillier just wouldn’t bend the knee — not to Doug Ford, not to Trudeau, not to public health officials. He was noisy and he — gasp — wouldn’t wear a mask!

He was a friend to the truckers. Which is the worst sin of all.

So yesterday he was told to turn himself in at the Ottawa Police station.

The establishment has brought itself into disrepute. Politicians, judges, police, the media, everything. But where is the public outrage? Is this now who we are?

I’m worried by this. We’ll see what they have on Randy Hillier. I’m skeptical. But even if he’s acquitted, they know something now that they didn’t know. They know that they can get away with it. They’re endlessly seeking boundaries, limits; and two years into this, they still haven’t found one, have they?

GUEST: Randy Hillier's lawyer David Anber (follow @DavidAnber on Twitter).

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