Ron DeSantis calls Antifa a criminal organization — and launches a Government lawsuit against them. Why can’t we do that?

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The lockdowns shook my faith in the police. Police were enforcing things that were not criminal offences; they were often being bullies about it; the best police were either reassigned to other files, or frankly took early retirement, or were suspended from the force because they didn’t want to get jabbed.

Police didn’t fight crime; they enforced political dictates, that often changed week by week. How many people were in a gathering; what kind of gatherings; Costco and the liquor store were fine, but not churches. What a joke — but the police enthusiastically became political weapons. Remember when they deployed a hundred cops because Adam Skelly kept his smoked meat restaurant openYeah, that wasn’t real policing.

The low point of course was when the police agreed to enforce a police state. There was no national emergency; the country wasn’t in danger. Trudeau was embarrassed; that’s all. So the police stomped on people with riot horses. And then they had a good laugh about it in their internal WhatsApp group. They talked about their jackboots crushing citizens. Not a single one of those cops was suspended. 

And that cop who assaulted Alexa Lavoie? His name is Sgt. Jordan Arthur We’re suing him. I should tell you that the RCMP says they’re investigating him too, which is interesting. Except they’re lying. The attack on Alexa was more then a year ago, but they still haven’t even interviewed Jordan Arthur yet. Some interview. More like a whitewash and a cover-up. What a disgrace. What do you do when a cop is a criminal? Because that’s what it is when a cop shoots someone, for no reason, with a weapon that isn’t even designed to be shot at someone. So, so gross.

The woke are destroying everything strong and male and proud. They've turned football, NASCAR, and even the military into anti-American, woke, take-a-knee messes. They focus more on diversity and transgenderism than on national security. They're corroding everything from the inside out, to demoralize men.

Where were the police in America when Antifa riots swept the nation, creating chaos in the months before the 2020 election? Well, some of them were busy bringing Trump protesters into the Capitol building, literally guiding them through the building. 

Just yesterday, left-wingers, including transgender activists, recently stormed several government buildings, including the capitol building in Nashville, but the CBC didn't even cover it. They tussled with police, and, shockingly, they'll only face two years in jail. The law only seems to go one way now. Antifa is praised by the establishment while the Proud Boys, a drinking fraternity, is on Canada's list of terrorist groups. Not because they are terrorists, but because Trudeau needed something to point to when he wanted to say "right-wing terrorist group."

My point is that the rule of law is now malleable, and it all depends on who is holding the stick. The news out of New York City is alarming, with an extremist District Attorney, elected with George Soros money, indicting Trump and calling for his arrest and extradition to New York from Florida. This has nothing to do with him being president, it's the relitigation of Trump paying money to a stripper. I don't even care whether he had sex with her or not; the fact that this is what Trump is being arrested and jailed for is absurd, and the justice system has been twisted to accomplish this for obvious political reasons.

You cannot trust the legal system in America anymore — not if there are politics afoot. Here’s a member of the grand jury in Georgia who said she voted to prosecute trump because she was excited about meeting him. 

Yeah, I think things are broken.

But they’re broken just one way. Have you ever seen a conservative, or a Republican, in the U.S. or Canada use the legal system to fight a battle? And I don’t mean to fight unfairly, to twist the law and abuse it. I mean, to fight a crime when the perpetrator is a leftist

Well, that’s my news today. And it continues to impress me about Ron DeSantis in Florida. He’s one of 26 Republican governors. They all have similar powers. But he’s the only one using all the tools at his disposal to push his agenda. Every liberal does. Every Democrat does. But Republicans don’t. And it’s amazing to watch the one guy who does.

Here’s DeSantis’s attorney general:

And here's a link to this press release from yesterday. 

So the law — the FACE Act — was drafted to target people who committed crimes at abortion centres. But DeSantis is using it to target people who commit crimes are pregnancy centres — which is actually what reproductive health means; it’s not an ironic euphemism.

But they’re right — it is unprecedented. Our side never fights back. It’s always prosecutions of Trump — not Clinton or Obama. Not Antifa.

And how about here in Canada? Pastor Derek Reimer was assaulted — he didn’t assault anyone. He’s been charged; but not those who attacked him.

Danielle Smith’s sovereignty act suggests she might take some steps; her firearms act is an example.

But where is the prosecution of Antifa, of eco-terrorists?

DeSantis shows the way that we too could fight back in Canada. 

GUEST: Joel Pollak, Senior editor at large, Breitbart, speaks on Israeli protests against Netanyahu.

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