Why Rebel News sends reporters to faraway globalist meetings

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There’s a lot going on at Rebel News. Just over the weekend — did you see it? — our reporter Selene Galas asked the best question at the entire press conference for the new premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith. And the best question got the best answer. Here, look at the entire exchange:

I thought that was very exciting — nearly a million people watched that video over the weekend, and it was shared around the world in many languages, as people in many countries said: we need our governments to apologize for discriminating against the unvaccinated, too.

So Rebel News was in the house in Edmonton on the weekend. And we’ve been in Ottawa, also in a house, a rented AirBNB, which is our temporary studio in that city, right next to the trucker commission. Fascinating revelations coming every day from that trucker commission of inquiry. Sheila Gunn Reid has been doing excellent live-tweeting of the commission, and every night we do a conversation about what happened that day, in a livestream.

But as you may know we’ve just come back from the Berlin conference of the WHO, called the World Health Summit. Thousands of delegates from nearly 200 countries meeting to chew over the pandemic, talk about a new international pandemic treaty, and generally rejoice in their new power over you and me.

We had five staff there — three on-air reporters and two producers and editors to help them out. Tamara, Alexa and Drea — just amazing. We’ve got a lot more footage from them to come.

And very soon we’ll show you the news from another globalist gathering, this one called the C40 summit. David Menzies talked a bit about them earlier this summer — here’s a flashback to that.

They’re mayors against meat. They’re mayors against using carbon. But they don’t mean for themselves — their big mayors convention is in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina — that’s a long jet flight from just about anywhere. And, no, they’re not eating “beyond meat” veggie burgers, I can assure you.

So we’re going to give you coverage from there. Two of our journalists — Lincoln Jay from Ontario and Katie Daviscourt from Seattle — went down there. But not first class — they went economy class the whole way. Why?

Why would we do that? I was thinking about that over the weekend and I wrote a three-page memo to our entire staff explaining my thinking, and what I think is the value to our viewers. So, frankly, I propose to just literally read to you my memo. I know reading a memo might sound boring, but I want to tell you exactly what I told our team.

“We need to explain how Rebel News will cover this differently than the Media Party would, to make the case that it’s important that we’re there, because we will ask questions that no-one else would — and that, frankly, the mayors don’t want asked.

Why is it important that we’re there? Why is it important that any media go at all; and why must that media be independent citizen journalists who take no government funds?

Because this C40 conference is the essential globalist strategy: create laws and policies outside of local, sovereign, legal, accountable city councils. City councils are bad enough — they’re usually left-wing, often corrupt, and generally awful. But by taking the mayors out of them, and jetting off to a faraway meeting, the globalists achieve a few things:

• Like Davos, like UN conferences, C40 is outside the democratic structures that are designed to act as checks and balances on politicians. At least at city councils, you have debates; you have transcripts of debates; you have committee hearings where the public can give input; you have public agendas, with notice given to the people; you have a press corps, with some sort of institutionalized access to politicians and documents and plans and agendas. You have lobbyist registries. People can see things. None of that happens at these globalist hideaways.

• So instead of (what little) transparency and checks and balances are city councils have, you have private, oligarch-designed conclaves. Secret. Privately curated. [SHOW THIS] Billionaires (look at the list of sponsors! Soros’s Open Societies is one of them!) There is no lobbyist registry; it is all lobbyists; it is all dark money; it is all billionaire agendas. There is no open debate or discussion, no way for citizens to be involved. It’s a private club that you’re not invited to. What kind of mayor would agree to that — and would go there to do the city’s business in secret, in a foreign land, taking direction from foreign billionaires and lobbyists?

• So the process is corrupt. It is inherently democratically illegitimate. Even to go there is to thumb your nose at local democracy, to say you value foreign oligarchs’ opinions more than you value your own neighbours and voters.

• But of course it’s not just the undemocratic “world government” process. It’s the substance. Imagine the hubris of jetting to Buenos Aires, and staying at a luxury hotel, paid for by billionaire patrons, while concocting plans to make the little people use less energy. Outrageous.

• But part of the psychological effect upon the mayors and their staff who attend is to create an elite consciousness — that these are the special, world-class elites, the elevated ones, the high-minded ones, who need to meet in a clean, pure, curated places, far from the dirty peasants, far from the nosy journalists, far from any “alt right racist transphobic MAGA” opponents who “just don’t get it”. It’s to create a kind of split personality amongst the mayors who go to it. They live in the dirty streets when they’re back in their city councils. Where they have to go through the motions of being democratically accountable. But then, every once in a while, they get to private jet their way to a privileged getaway with the other people who “really matter”, where they can drop the pretence of having to listen to the little people, and be amongst the illuminati who just want to get things done and know the right way. The utopians who don’t have time for the people.

• That’s why we’re going. Because we are amongst the very few journalists in the entire world who believe in local and national sovereignty; who believe in popular democracy, not oligarchic elitism; and we are skeptical of the inherently Communist scheme to revolutionize the entire energy economy and create mass energy poverty for the many, but private jet getaways for the few.

• That’s... my philosophy for why we go to UN events or other globalist conclaves. We need to shine a light of public scrutiny on them; we need to ask the so-called democrats why they’re participating in secret meetings with secret funders, rather than using our democratic institutions at home; and we need to challenge the absolute bullshit ideas they proposed (don’t use energy, don’t eat real food, depopulate the world, oligarchs over democrats, etc.)

• So, let’s make sure we explain why it’s important Rebel News is there. And by that I mean, to explain why our coverage is different from what anyone else would do, and is so necessary.”

So that’s my memo. I think that’s why we care about these meetings. It’s why we went to the WHO in Berlin; It’s why we’re going, next month, to the UN’s global warming convention in Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt.

Because imagine the audacity of flying by jet to Egypt (it’s the only way to get there); and staying in a high energy conference centre (imagine how much air conditioning is used there — it was 30 degree celsius there today!). And the luxury lifestyle; there are no electric cars there — it’s all limousines and SUVs.

Imagine flying there and agreeing with other grandees to tax farmers and truckers and other poor shleps. Imagine that split personality to do that.

Away from local democratic scrutiny. Away from a free and open media. Away from checks and balances. Just private clubs paid for by big corporations and oligarchs.

Did you know I’m hurting oligarchs feelings by saying this? Here’s a clip from a UK radio station called LBC:

Oh. So criticizing the word “globalist” is incredibly offensive? Because it’s a racist put-down to Jews? What a wicked lie. A racist lie in itself. She's the bigot. She's the one with the preposterous insult that to criticize anti-democratic oligarchs is to naturally criticize Jews. That's a stereotypical prejudice. It's as outrageous as telling someone not to talk about crime, because that would be inherently anti-Black.

There are some globalist billionaires who are Jews. And many who are not. Bill Gates is not. Jeffrey Bezos is not.

George Soros was born a Jew, but essentially renounced it and actually helped the Nazis round-up Jews when he was a teenager in Hungary during the Second World War. I think he’s both a Jew and an anti-Semite, which is quite a trick.

But calling him a globalist is not a reference to his Judaism — It’s a reference to his belief that world governments, that globalist organizations can trump what mere local citizens want.

We go to these globalist conferences because someone has to be there to show what’s going on. You know, I was talking to Lincoln who was in Buenos Aires, and he told me that at one point, they were literally the only journalists in the room — I mean, seriously, who would fly all the way to Argentina to report on what some mayors have to say? — but after a few days, the organizers knew we had tough questions, not just puff-balls, and so they literally would not let our reporters ask questions, even though it was question time and they were the first and only reporters at the microphone. And that’s something you need to see, too (and you will, when we publish the videos).

So that’s why we do what we do in other countries. We travel economy class; we try to keep our costs modest. But we fly around the world because that’s how you track your politicians these days. If you think you can hold them to account by simply going to city hall, or parliament, you’re wrong — because more and more, your life is being ruled not by local elected politicians, but by clubby billionaires at foreign junkets and the politicians they collect.

GUEST: Rebel Reporter, Selene Galas on her question to Premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, where she apologized on behalf of governments for locking citizens down.

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