Media, politicians gaslight themselves over the peaceful protesters in Ottawa

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GUEST HOST: Sheila Gunn Reid

You know I think the last time I guest hosted for Ezra, I talked a little bit about how cults of different sorts permeate during times of upheaval or awakening.

At the time I was talking about the bizarre 'free man on the land' cult of Queen Romana. She's a cult leader who traverses the country in a crowdfunded Winnebago who claims to be the new Queen of Canada after the American military allegedly assassinated the Queen of England. 

A couple of weeks ago, she inspired her followers to try to perform citizen's arrests on police officers. Naturally she didn't participate. She kept the Winnebago running.

Romana's attached herself to the fringiest fringe and the most desperate and broken of the anti-lockdown movement, capitalizing on the fact that people are so destabilized by the COVID-induced failings of institutions they thought would never fail, like the courts, the police and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

If you could be coerced into taking a medicine you know doesn't work just to keep your job, if the government could arrest you for having family get-togethers, and if you can be locked down in your country like some North Korean, why couldn't this mad woman be the queen? And worse still, the mistreatment and demonization of lockdown resistors and vaccine skeptics by politicians in the media only drive people into the clutches of people like Queen Romana. For some, she's the only one listening. She's doing it for predatory reasons, but she is the only one listening sometimes.

But it isn't just people in the fringes of the pro-freedom movement that are subject to cult indoctrination. The Trudeau Liberals are trying to do it too to you. But back in the day, your cult leader had to stand on the street corner and tell you about the end of the world, hand out pamphlets. It was a lot of hard work to get followers, devotees and the brainwashed back in the day. The Liberals now don't have to pamphlet, door knock, proselytize, or first-person evangelize.

They've got the mainstream media barfing their gas lighting cult doctrine into your house every single day and onto your phone.

Let me show you.

GUEST: David Menzies (@TheMenzoid) joins Sheila to catch up on the latest in the Patrick Brown saga.

FINALLY: Your messages to me!

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