Faulty Chinese PPE factories protected by Trudeau Liberals: It's a Security Risk!

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The Canadian government won't say which companies in China it's buying medical personal protective equipment from, because it wouldn't be in the interest of national security. 

Early in the pandemic, Justin Trudeau — in a catastrophic moment of consistent virtue signalling  sent Canada's strategic medical supplies back to China.

Remember that? And then the PPE that we got in replacement from China was faulty and compromised? And then we sent two planes over to pick up replacements for the replacements and the planes came back empty

Well, the government thinks that we shouldn't know the names of the China-based PPE suppliers who sold us the faulty stuff (and then didn't replace said faulty stuff). And, who could also potentially be using slave labour to manufacture the stuff that they are selling us. 

The information today comes to us from an order paper question asked by Edmonton Conservative MP James Cumming. 

With regard to contaminated swabs and faulty or rejected n95 masks purchased by Public Services and Procurement Canada, Cumming asked: 

which suppliers provide these items and since January 1st 2016, what other purchases have been made by the government from the suppliers, broken down by date of purchase, item or service purchased, number of units of item or service purchased per transaction?

It's a great question because first, if Canada has in the past bought items from the suppliers who are selling faulty swabs and masks now, how long has our PPE supply been compromised by faulty junk?

Kind of scary when you think about it, right?

But secondarily, we need to know the names of these companies because as the New York Times has uncovered, some of these companies are using persecuted Uighur slave labour to manufacture the masks and the masks are making their way to North America. 

The public deserves to know if the Canadian government is doing business with slave traders in China. And the government is paying these purchase contracts, so they know exactly who they're doing business with.

However, the Liberals don't feel like Canadians need that information. Look at the response here to Cummings question, from Public Service and Procurement Canada:

The government is not operating in normal circumstances. Considering the fierce Global competition for the same products if the government was to disclose information about specific contracts or suppliers that could jeopardize Canada supply chains for these life-saving products putting the delivery to Canada and into the hands of frontline healthcare workers at risk.

Or it could reveal that the government is overpaying for garbage manufactured by Uighurs in concentration camps. I think that's the real reason the government won't tell us who is making the masks Canadian healthcare workers need. 

Justin Trudeau has chosen to protect the Chinese companies who ripped us off instead of being transparent with the people who got ripped off: the taxpayer.

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  • By David Menzies

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