“Fighting for freedom... I won't back down”: X Games gold medalist Cody Matechuk | Andrew Says #23

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Cody Matechuk is a three-time Winter X Games gold medallist who specializes in snowbiking and base jumping, performing all over the world at sponsored events and on his new YouTube channel Cody Matechuk, where he's catalogued a litany of insane tricks and stunts.

Despite his overwhelming success, Matechuk has recently had much of his career thrown through a whirlwind via lockdowns, travel restrictions and quarantines.

With much of his riding season cancelled (including his event at the Winter X Games 2021), the reigning champion has been forced to find new ways to create content and satisfy his sponsors, who thankfully have been very receptive.

On this episode of Andrew Says, Matechuk speaks out against the lockdowns that have thrown him a curveball and cost him the ability to defend his Winter X Games title.

The snowbike champ also stands up for the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as well as the need for travel and outdoor activity to promote mental health.

On RebelNews+, Cody shares stories about being confronted for not wearing a mask, despite having a medical exemption.

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