First-hand look at Calgary's riot squad clearing anti-Israel university encampment

Rebel News journalist Sydney Fizzard joins The Ezra Levant Show, recapping what he saw as he was on scene at the University of Calgary as the riot squad removed an anti-Israel encampment from the campus.

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Protesters recently attempted to set up an anti-Israel encampment at the University of Calgary, only for police to quickly shut the demonstration down. Rebel News journalist Sydney Fizzard was on the campus to capture the chaotic scenes as they unfolded.

On Monday night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Syd joined Ezra to share his first-hand experience covering the large police operation.

After observing the group of protesters, Syd said the group was largely led by activists, not necessarily students from the University of Calgary:

When it comes to the organizers of these events, you'll notice that the police are conversing with activists within the community.

They're not conversing with the student demonstrators who are on site, because, realistically, there are far less of them than there are people who do not belong at that university whether it's activists, people in the Islamic community.

As we saw, the signage there that they have kind of represents this idea of Indigenous relations on the matter, which is kind of ironic. But they go with North America as being Turtle Island and they lace in all of these different claims together. 

You can see there's Queers for Palestine as well, there's even a full-blown Muslim prayer section that we saw on the field just beside the encampment.

I can't stress enough that these are activists that are embedding themselves into these quasi-student demonstrations.

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