Fitness Depot goes on an unvaccinated firing spree

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The rollout of mandated novel injections, by both government and employers alike, is a stark example of how far civil Liberties have fallen in Canada.

In this full report, you will see a disturbing example of that.

After Fitness Depot announced via email that they would no longer be hiring people unless they were fully vaccinated, one of their now-former warehouse managers at the Lillooet St, Vancouver location, Artusz Chilingaryan, replied expressing concerns about the rule being discriminatory.

We are told that Fitness Depot’s president, Chris Busch, responded to address those concerns by suddenly hitting all of the company's employees with a “vax or be axed” policy. One of the first victims of the firing spree was Pawel Chilingaryan. Pawel and his brother Artusz, who was working in a management position, both faced discrimination based on their vaccine status. Pawel was not only asked to disclose his vaccination status, but he was was questioned by Busch about his brothers vaccination status as well.

I spoke to former and current employees from Fitness Depot locations across Canada, both on, and off camera, who felt violated, based on the companies sudden vaccination segregation policies. These policies appear to have offered no form of accommodation to allow healthy and asymptomatic employees that have opted out of taking a COVID-19 vaccination the ability to work at Fitness Depot; yet no policy appears to be in place to prevent unvaccinated customers from spending money in their retail locations.

I reached out to fitness depot so they could provide a statement regarding what we have been told by their current and former employees, but did not receive a response.

Vaccinated or unvaccinated, if you are concerned about the push to normalize the coercion and segregation of people based on medical choices, sign and share our petition at

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