Georgia police chief resigns after criticism for not supporting Black Lives Matter

Georgia police chief resigns after criticism for not supporting Black Lives Matter
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A Georgia police chief who said he did not support Black Lives Matter has resigned.

The police officer aired his views in a Facebook post in June, prompting intense criticism over his refusal to support the far-left, Marxist movement.

The city council of Johns Creek, Georgia released a statement on Monday approving a settlement agreement and resignation of former Police Chief Chris Byers.

“Based on extensive and careful consideration of everything that has occurred within our city over the past few months, we have come to the conclusion that it is in the city’s best interests to part ways with our Police Chief,” said Mayor Mike Bodker.

“Our City Council discussed and voted to approve a settlement agreement with Police Chief Chris Byers,” he added. “As we move forward, our next step is to begin the search process to fill the Police Chief position with a highly qualified candidate who embodies the heart and soul of our community. The ideal candidate will inspire confidence in the men and women of the Police Department and uphold the respect of our residents.”

Byers’ Facebook post was archived for posterity on the government website. He condemned the police officers responsible for the death of George Floyd but refused to support the Black Lives Matter movement that surged in the wake of Floyd’s death.

“I believe that the lives of every black man, woman, and child matter just as much as the lives of every white man, woman, and child and police officer. Just as with every other nationality we get the privilege of calling our neighbors and every religion represented,” he wrote. “But I do not support the Black Lives Matter as a movement as it seems to glorify the killing of my brothers and sisters.”

“It is not what you pastors and religious leaders think it is. Stop trying to be relevant and look deeper into what you are saying, posting, and tagging before you do it. But please... never give up the fight against racism. We have a long way to go! But we need everybody moving in the same direction.”

Byers also refused to take a knee at protests, calling it a “sign of surrender.”

“I will not surrender to this fight for justice. I take a knee of surrender to my Lord and Savior alone,” he said.

Byers’ role will be filled by an interim police chief until the city finds a more permanent candidate to take charge.

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