Governing the 'Ungovernable' province: Derek Fildebrandt on Premier Danielle Smith

Western Standard publisher Derek Fildebrandt joins The Ezra Levant Show to talk all things Alberta politics, with a look at how Premier Danielle Smith has gone about governing the 'Ungovernable' Prairie province.

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Serving as premier of Alberta has been a job with a short shelf life over the past 20 years. No premier since Ralph Klein has managed to achieve a second term, with many failing to even complete their first four years.

Much like a bucking bull at the Calgary Stampede, the province is hard to tame.

Derek Fildebrandt, publisher of The Western Standard, joined Monday's holiday edition of The Ezra Levant Show for a look at Prairie politics and Premier Danielle Smith's tenure so far as premier, and whether she could be the first since Klein to capture elusive re-election.

Assessing Smith's leadership and how the United Conservative Party has governed, Derek told Ezra that Smith's continued leadership looks good, but is far from a certainty:

I'm going to take a wild gamble here and say that Danielle Smith will be, at least the first Conservative, to make it to a second election. Even if she loses that election, she will have been the longest serving Conservative premier in Alberta since Klein.

Smith, in ways that [former premiers Ed] Stelmach, [Alison] Redford and [Jason] Kenney never had, seems to have the party behind her — at least for the time being.

But events have a way of getting in the way of things. 

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