Greens fail to expel trans member who defended pedophilia, incest and Nazis

Party faces internal backlash over handling of offensive social media posts.

Greens fail to expel trans member who defended pedophilia, incest and Nazis
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The Victorian Greens are facing backlash after censuring a member for posting offensive material on social media, including defending pedophilia, incest and sympathising with Nazis.

The party’s misconduct panel found that Bianca Haven, a transgender member seeking a position on the state council, had breached the code of conduct by posting offensive material on its social media.

However, Ms Haven was only censured, prompting anger from some who had called for suspension or expulsion.

The panel’s ‘Notice of Sanction’ revealed that Ms Haven had defended pedophilia, sympathised with Nazi views, and defended incest. The posts were intertwined with detailed discussions of Australian Greens Victoria internal matters, which created a serious risk of bringing the party into disrepute.

The feud has further exacerbated an ongoing battle in the Greens over its handling of transgender policies. The issue re-emerged after a protest on the steps of Victorian parliament was hijacked by a small group of Neo-Nazi extremists.

Nina Vallins, a former member of the Greens, criticised the decision not to punish Ms Haven further. She had quit the party after being suspended for six months for allegedly bringing the party into disrepute and vilifying members over her views on transgender policy.

Ms Vallins argued that the Greens were sheltering a Nazi sympathizer in their party while punishing her for saying women deserve women’s only spaces. “It would be hypocritical to do anything other than expel someone who promotes vile views,” she said.

The internal war is another blow to the Greens, who have been facing several internal conflicts in recent years.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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