Greta Thunberg meets first real resistance during Alberta demonstration

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Today was Greta today in Edmonton!

The teenage climate tyrant came to the capital of Alberta's oil country to prophesy her doomsday warnings to a crowd of roughly 4,000 supporters on the legislature grounds.

But before she did, her supporters amassed a few blocks away at Beaver Hills Park.

And I was there incognito to capture the environmentalists in their natural environment and at their most honest.

I saw the two idling diesel buses used to transport climate cultists the three hours from Calgary. I saw a Marxist book stand charging the very capitalist price of $4 a book to fight Alberta's conservative Premier Jason Kenney. And I saw an organizer on a bullhorn shouting “all the white people to the back, please”.

After the crowd began marching to the legislature grounds I ran ahead because I wanted to greet the hard-working Albertans from United We Roll as they came in their truck convoy to remind Greta that this is still will remain oil country long after her foreign roadshow has left town.

I caught up with some of the pro oil and gas crowd for their thoughts on the day.

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