“Black antisemitism” to blame for attacks: Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa at No Hate, No Fear rally in NYC

Interview with an Angel: At the “No Hate, No Fear” rally in Brooklyn, NY, we caught up with Curtis Sliwa, the founder and CEO of the Guardian Angels.

Speaking to Sliwa at the #NoHateNoFear rally, he told Rebel News that he believes liberalism and political correctness are behind the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks in New York and New Jersey.

And much like in 1979 when he founded the Guardian Angels, Sliwa believes the time has come to fight back against the thugs who are perpetuating this violence.

“If you don't organize and fight back... antisemites are going to see you as being perpetually weak, feckless and victims, and Jews can no longer be victims.”