INTERVIEW: Uncle Hack of the Danger Cats

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Let’s get this out of the way right now: Today’s show has some rough language and ideas.

So now you know. You can make your mind up for yourself like an adult, instead of the alternative, wherein you are infantilized by the government and big tech, and protected from ideas and speech they don’t think you can handle or don’t want you to be exposed to. That’s what Trudeau's new censorship hammer, Bill C-36 will do, if it passes — save you from being triggered, whether you want it or not. And it punishes those who do the triggering with big fines and bans.

Now, how does one stick a finger in the eye of censors that are lurking for their chance to end you? Invite on the show the most risque person one can think of. It’s Uncle Hack from the Danger Cats, whom I am amazed is still allowed on the Internet in any capacity, whatsoever.

Danger Cats is an Alberta phenomenon. It is more than just a website or a YouTube channel that mocks everyone from Gen Z, Gen Y, Trudeau, environmentalists, woke scolds and even themselves. It’s a lifestyle ecosystem, replete with merch and podcasts that embraces the hard-living, hard-partying, hard-working stereotypes Alberta’s blue collar workforce is labelled with. Danger Cats takes the snobby criticisms of Albertans and embraces them. “Yeah, we swear and we drive big trucks. So what?”

I met up with Uncle Hack at the Danger Cats Edmonton offices for a chat about how he took blue collar crassness and made a career of it, cancel culture, why he embraces the woke mobsters, and what he plans to do if (well, when, let’s be real here) the Danger Cats get kicked off the Internet.

Be warned: tonight’s show is not for the faint of heart.

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