Canadian Association of Journalists take aim at Kenney's Energy Center

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The Canadian Association of Journalists is mad at the Alberta Government’s efforts to uncover the foreign-funded green network attacking oil and gas.

You may have missed the CAJ announcement of the mocking Code of Silence "Award" being given to the UCP Government in Alberta for the creation of the Canadian Energy Center. I nearly did, because the whole CAJ organization is useless to me as a journalist on the actual front lines of freedom of the press.

I am obviously pro-access to information. It’s almost my whole job and that’s why I know the CAJ is completely insincere in their criticism.

I’ve had Freedom of Information investigations in Notley’s NDP government in Alberta that are older than the entire Energy Center. Sometimes I’ve had to wait years for NDP government files to come back. Under Notley, I was routinely hammered with huge fees to get government information I am legally entitled to.

Yet the CAJ? Quiet church mice back then. Hypocrites.

My guest tonight is Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science. They’ve been investigating the abuse of the charity system by the green left for years.

She joins me to talk about the CAJ, how green money matters, Michael Moores’s new documentary, and so much more.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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