A rare win for common sense in Ottawa

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Ottawa has a new, more reasonable mayor to replace outgoing anti-convoy fabulist Jim Watson.

If you got all your information from the mainstream media, you may be blindsided by the news that former broadcaster Mark Sutcliffe is the mayor-elect of the nation's capital city.

Sutcliffe's chief challenger was an anti-convoy, climate warrior social justice advocate city councilor named Catherine McKinney, who became famous during the anti-covid mandate truck protest for roaming the streets camera-in-hand looking for evidence of bad behaviour from the demonstrators.

Citizens played an important role in challenging the mayoral prospects at public debates and open forums. That is, until the locals became a little too effective at exposing how little the candidates knew about their own policies around climate change.

Ottawa has a recently adopted $57.5 billion municipal climate plan and the questions posed by residents exposed how little McKinney had thought about the plan she advocated and voted for.

And that's all thanks to Tom Harris, from the International Climate Science Coalition Canada, a long-time Ottawa resident who helped locals craft questions to stump the candidates. He joins me tonight to discuss his plans to roll out his accountability tactics to other municipalities as well as what Tom thinks will come out of the latest UN climate change conference unfolding in Egypt right now.

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