How Trudeau's attack on oil and gas will harm Indigenous communities

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The annual United Nations climate conference is being held in Glasgow Scotland.

Each year, world leaders, business elites, celebrities and activists who can afford to take two weeks off work or school for an international get-away to convene their climate conclave to plot how best to control the life of the average person in the name of saving the planet from an SUV-induced CO2 apocalypse.

And that international audience of “important” people means yet another chance for Justin Trudeau to virtue signal how green he is by making promises other people will have to pay for, either in increased taxes or by losing their livelihoods.

The Prime Minister promised Monday to end the export of thermal coal by 2030.

And according to a statement issued by the PMO:

Canada is the first major oil-producing country moving to capping and reducing pollution from the oil and gas sector to net zero by 2050. To help do this at a pace and scale needed to achieve the shared goal of net zero by 2050, the government will set 5-year targets, and will also ensure that the sector makes a meaningful contribution to meeting Canada’s 2030 climate goals.

A recent analysis by senior economists at TD Economics found a hard emissions cap and a net zero CO2 emission goal could result in a loss of almost half a million jobs, most of them in Western Canada.

And with the oil, gas and mining sector as the largest employer of Indigenous people in Canada, it hardly seems in the interest of Trudeau's goals of Reconciliation to promise to cost thousands of Indigenous people their jobs as part of the cost of doing business at the UN.

Joining me tonight to discuss the latest Trudeau attack on the oil and gas sector and how this will harm Indigenous communities is Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong.

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