Robbie Picard wants Liberals to let First Nations benefit from oil and gas

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The Liberal campaign is running out of gas and ideas. In just one week, we have seen Trudeau pull out all the mouldy oldies from his grab bag of perennial Liberal talking points.

So far, we've heard that Trudeau is a feminist, while allowing the candidacy of someone accused of multiple instances of sexual misconduct. We heard that Stephen Harper bears ill will toward Syrians when Trudeau was questioned about his bungling of the evacuation of Canadians and their allies from Afghanistan. We heard that only the Liberals care about the environment, while Environment Canada's data show that greenhouse gas emissions (if you care about that sort of thing, and I don't) actually went up under Trudeau, despite a carbon tax and non-stop green spending and increased regulations.

And on Monday, Trudeau promised billions of dollars in funding over the next five years to First Nations communities for housing and mental health supports. It all sounds good on paper to help indigenous people escape from third-world conditions on reserve, but we've heard this sort of empty promise to some of Canada's most vulnerable communities before. In 2015, as part of a Liberal election spending announcement, Trudeau promised to end the national disgrace of boil-water advisories on reserves. Yet, after six years in power and two terms in government, on any given day, up to 50 boil-water advisories remain in First Nations communities all across the country.

My guest tonight has spent the last decade advocating for financial independence and job creation for indigenous people. Robbie Picard, of Oil Sands Strong, is Metis himself and he works in advocacy and bringing awareness about the benefits of oil and gas development for First Nations. Picard thinks pipelines and projects, not handouts and pandering, are what his people need.

It's time for the Liberals to get out of the way so First Nations communities can unlock their potential.

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