How Islamists manipulate the West in their efforts to destroy Israel

Benjamin Weingarten details the 'inherently supremacist ideology' behind groups like Hamas, and warns of the dangers facing the rest of the West through unchecked migration.

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Those not paying attention to what's been going on in their country were likely mortified to see pro-Hamas rallies head across the Western world following the terrorist organization's brutal attack against Israeli civilians and other foreign nationals near the Gaza border.

Perhaps the most extreme celebrations came from Australia, where supporters waving Palestinian flags chanted "f*ck the Jews" and "gas the Jews" after Hamas kidnapped, killed and maimed innocent lives in last weekend's terrorist attack.

Benjamin Weingarten, editor-at-large for RealClearInvestigations and a senior contributor to The Federalist, joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show for an in-depth discussion about the horrible attack and to analyze how groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have found success in manipulating the West.

Speaking about Hamas' Islamist ideology, Ben told Ezra that these groups have "an inherently supremacist ideology" and warned of the dangers facing other nations:

We in America, we've had open borders for how many years? And Israel is the most hardened state in the West, with (a) first rate intelligence apparatus, and cutting edge surveillance technology — and literal walls and substantial fortified borders. 

And Israel was overrun within hours. So imagine how we are sitting ducks here in the West right now, and this points to the maladies, the pathologies of the progressive ideology that has put us in this perilous state in the West.

Benjamin Weingarten is the editor-at-large for RealClearInvestigations, a senior contributor to The Federalist, a columnist at Newsweek and The Epoch Times, and a fellow of the Claremont Institute. You can follow more of his work on X, formerly Twitter.

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