INTERVIEW: Albertan lawyer stands up for firefighters and paramedics

Derek From is fighting for the civil liberties of firefighters and paramedics in Alberta.

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Every day we hear dozens, if not hundreds, of stories of people losing their jobs, or at risk of losing their jobs, even though they have done everything right throughout their careers simply because they are unable or unwilling to disclose their vaccination status to an employer. As a result of these endless heart-breaking stories and the ongoing violations of people’s medical privacy and rights we launched to legally challenge these unconstitutional vaccine mandates and to stick up for the heartlessly ousted employees who might not otherwise have the means to wage a legal battle in defense of their rights.

No matter where you work, if you have been fired for not submitting to the medical tyranny of vaccine passports, it truly tragic, but the wrongness of it all becomes all the more apparent when you start to see emergency frontline workers like firefighters and paramedics, who were heralded as heroes mere months ago, now being cast aside as second-class citizens because they are unvaccinated.

Thanks to your generous support, lawyer Derek From has been working tirelessly in defence of a group of firefighters and paramedics in Alberta who have been relegated to the sidelines due to their vaccination statuses.

Among the group are frontline responders with medical and religious exemptions, as well as individuals with confirmed natural immunity, but despite this broad and sensible array of reasons for request vaccine exemptions, the response from Alberta Health Services, aside from a few deadlines being pushed back, has been zero compromise regardless of circumstances.

Derek From joined me for an update on his progress on this legal challenge, and to fill me in on some of the work that is being done in defence of these frontline heroes, including the involvement of a panel of experts who are casting serious doubts on the governments unwavering ideological marriage to vaccines as they only way through this ordeal.

We simply could not wage this legal battle for our frontlines responders and hire exceptional lawyer like Derek with the supports of our incredible viewers. If you stand in solidarity with these firefighters and paramedics, consider chipping in at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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