Police officer Nick Motycka went viral for vid saying politicians using Ottawa cops as ‘hired goons’

Nick could face serious consequences after posting a video he uploaded to a private chat with other law enforcement officers.

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Nick Motycka has spent 16 years in a uniform making the community safe, and he's been proud of the work he's done in his 10 years as part of Calgary's police force and the six years with the RCMP before that.

He's been a good cop, and he put his own health on the line for the safety of Canadians and is now off work for chronic PTSD. He is a soft-spoken guy.

Yet, what he saw happening in Ottawa over the weekend caused him to speak out and share his disgust with how law enforcement officers in the nation's capital were being used as political weapons against Justin Trudeau's enemies.

He wrote down his thoughts. He made a video and then he dropped the video in a private chat with other police officers and law enforcement officials to express his opinions but also to let other men and women in uniform who were feeling the same way he was know that they were not alone.

Nick could face serious consequences for speaking out and I told him if he needs legal help, Rebel News will do what we can to help.

But Nick tells me he got into policing to defend the rights of Canadians, not violate them, and he will still do that, no matter the cost.

The pandemic, and the politicians who used police to enforce their bad edicts — like closing churches, confiscating businesses, arresting beachgoers and stealing diesel from truckers trying to stay warm in -15°C temperatures — has fractured the trust our communities have in their police officers.

If that relationship is ever to be repaired, that work will be done by the bravery of cops like Nick, reminding us there are still a few good ones out there.

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