Is the Golden Age for Canadian Jews over?

The Ezra Levant show was joined by Barbara Kay, a senior columnist at The National Post.

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Ezra Levant discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict with Barbara Kay, a senior columnist at The National Post.

He touched on people using children as shields and hiding rockets in schools, which are seen as cruel tactics

"And they killed the children on purpose, obviously, to kill a child, especially practically a newborn. Shows that there's no politics involved," said Ezra.

The conversation reflects on how the world reacts to these actions, finding a lack of consistency in global responses. 

"There's no, well, you did that or you committed this moral sin. It is literally, if you look at the root of the word genocide, you're trying to eradicate the entire genetics. You're trying to destroy every single human being. It's Stone Age stuff," Ezra exclaimed.

Barbara Kay said:

Well, it is. Because they say their their line is. Well, every civilian has to go into the army and Israel, and therefore, even a two year old child is going to grow up to one day be a soldier who's going to oppress us.

I mean, this is but it makes me think about our own tradition and how the pharaoh, you know, said these Hebrews, they're they're they're they're becoming too numerous.

And so they said, kill the firstborn boy from every family, that was going to be the Pharaoh's solution to the problem of this tribe. That was he was nervous about getting too numerous among us.

And it does feel like we're back to 3000 years ago or more. We cannot have these people among us.

This is only an excerpt of last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.
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