Is there a rising risk of myocarditis after vaccination? Data analyst Kelly Brown explains

Continuing to crunch numbers released by Public Health Ontario, data analyst Kelly Brown has some warnings surrounding COVID vaccines.

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As more real time data comes out detailing the concerning trend of heart issues in young people post COVID-19 vaccination, data analyst Kelly Brown continues his unpaid work in dissecting the numbers coming from Public Health Ontario.

Brown has previously joined me to discuss this alarming trend (you can view those reports here and here).

After tweeting that the cumulative risk for a three-dose course of mRNA COVID vaccines in 12 to 17-year old’s is a staggering 1 in 3,750, Brown's tweet showcasing government data was flagged as “misleading” by Twitter.

Providing contextual reference, Brown refers to the safety signal for the preferential treatment of Pfizer over Moderna COVID-19 injection as being only a ~1 in 5,000 risk.

He points out that the hospitalization rates for children who test positive for COVID in the under 19 age group requires further risk vs. benefit analysis when contrasted with the documented post-vaccination myocarditis incidences.

As more safety signals abound and real time data continues to come out — will this massive experiment prove to have caused more harm than good?

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  • By Ezra Levant

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