Israeli soldiers growing impatient as Gaza invasion looms: Avi Yemini

While morale remains high, Avi Yemini tells The Ezra Levant Show that Israeli forces are starting to lose patience ahead of the expected invasion of Gaza.

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Originally expected to happen late last week, Israel's anticipated ground invasion of Gaza is still yet to occur. As civilians attempt to flee the area following Israel's warning to head south, and with U.S. President Joe Biden making a visit to the country later this week, what comes next is anyone's guess.

Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini is on the ground in Israel, where he's been bringing viewers The Truth About The War. As he's done since he's been in the country, Avi joined last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show to provide an update on what he saw after another day in the field covering the war.

With unity among Israelis restored after a fierce divide over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned judicial reforms, Avi told viewers that while the nation is united over the necessity to invade Gaza, members of the Israeli Defense Force are growing impatient with the wait: 

But soldiers are getting a little impatient. I bumped into a soldier who couldn't be recorded on the record, but he was telling me that morale is super high, which we're seeing.

We're seeing soldiers yell out to us in cars, telling us that the Jewish state is alive, we're going to fight, we're going to end Hamas.

But he says to me that the morale is high at the moment, but it is dropping only because they're sick of waiting. They're desperate to get in there.  

From my understanding at the moment, they are just bombing (some of the) commanders (of Hamas). They're having really great success, they've taken out a number of commanders who were responsible for the attacks.

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